It’s Spring in North Florida, All Lawn Guys Awaken!

Dave Kollasch

spring flowers smiling

Here in North Florida Spring has been springing for the past month. There’s been an increase in the number of utility trailers I’ve seen hauling lawn care equipment.  And this week the Lawn Guys are jawing over the outrageous gas prices…$2.79 for regular and $3.02 for diesel. How’s that for ridiculous!

Well, in addition to a growing season, Spring also brings new fashions for the “Lawn Guy”.  He’s got fresh company-branded T-shirts, stain-free cargo shorts, and unfrayed bluejeans. (His shoes, however, may still be a bit green from last season.)

Two weeks and 75 lawns later he has a different look.  It’s a look that screams, “He’s just the Lawn Guy”!  

Yup. That’s us!  

Could that be why we’re one of the last ones to get paid?  Come on, folks!!  You expect a Brooks Brothers suit sitting on the zero-turn??  A Ralph Lauren polo shirt on the lawn guy with the edger?

Let’s get real, people!

We’re talking big honkin’ equipment out here.  Noisy, real noisy! We’re spitting out the fescue; leaving crispy edges; scaring off traffic with the gas-blower.  We work!  It’s hot. It’s dirty!  It’s not for the lazy!

dirty lawn guy hands

Tell us, who else can mow and blow in record time and leave your place ready for the weekend party?  Who else will never be guilty of crape murder?  Who else?  Who else?! (OK, maybe the guy next door knows how to treat the myrtle.  But he can’t stripe like we can!)

So could you possibly pay us on time, please!  We can even make it easy for you by accepting your credit card online.

By the way, I clean up real well.  I do! Once I’m out of the shower I’m a real stud-muffin!!

stud muffin lawn guy

Who needs a gym membership when you’re a “Lawn Guy”?  We get most of the exercise we need every day that we’re out there.  The only other exercise I enjoy is “doing a 12oz. curl” with a Bud Light at the end of a great day!

Hey, Honey, hand me the remote, please.

lawn guy with beer mug
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